Tax Planning

Tax Planning

Strategic Tax Planning is essential to reducing your tax liability for the next year. It is important to review your current tax return and look for ways to reduce that liability not just at tax time, but throughout the entire year. Every financial decision you make has tax implications – that is why tax planning can have a signigicant  impact on your financial affairs and retirement. 

Edgar and Edgar CPAs will work with you to analyze your tax return and implement strategies consistent with your short term and long term objectives such as paying for your children’s college, a dream vacation or retirement. 

Some or your common strategies to reduce your tax liability include increasing your 401K contributions, IRA contributions, charitable donations and other income deferral options. 

As your tax planning professional, we work for our clients, not the IRS and use our knowledge of current tax laws and codes to help you put a solid plan into place, year after year.

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