Payroll Tax Issues

Payroll taxes are taken very seriously by the IRS because failure to properly file 941 returns and remit payment on behalf of your employees is viewed as theft by the government. Penalties for failure to pay or being delinquent on filings is more severe than almost any other tax penalty.

If you are not current on 941 returns and/or payments, this is a serious payroll tax problem that needs to be fixed, sooner rather than later. The payment and filing schedule are more frequent than a personal or business tax return, therefore allowing the problem to compound quickly.

It is imperative you hire a professional who understands payroll taxes and knows how to handle the IRS.  The way you handle your initial communication with the IRS can make or break your chances of staying in business.

If you are delinquent on any payroll taxes, contact us today. For more information, please click to Request a Case Review, fill out your information and submit. A tax professional will review your case and contact you.  You may also call our office at (281) 306-0066.