Non-Filed Tax Returns

The biggest factor in settling your tax debt is that all past returns must be filed with the IRS.  You must be “current and compliant”.  We suggest you are current and compliant with the previous six (6) tax years.  Our tax preparation department is fully equipped to start the process of filing past returns, including personal, business and payroll tax returns.

Every day that goes by without a filed return is another day of penalties and interest and those add up quickly. Did you know that not filing a tax return is a criminal offense. The computer system at the IRS is getting more and more sophisticated, giving you a greater chance of getting flagged as a non-filer.

By filing your past dues returns, you can still claim all the deductions and credits due to you. Yes, you will have to apply that against penalties and interest, but if you don’t file a return, the IRS will do it for you. The IRS does not take into consideration any deductions, exemptions, or allowances such as the child care tax credit, and instead files a substitute return on your behalf that is in the best interest of the government. The substitute return will often show you owe more than you really do.

Once your returns are current, we can then look at the total amount owed and progress into finding a tax debt solution to remedy the situation.

If you are currently past due on any returns, do not wait one more day. Contact us immediately.  For more information, please click to Request a Case Review, fill out your information and submit. A tax professional will review your case and contact you.  You may also call our office at (281) 306-0066.