Internal Controls

Internal Controls can benefit every business but are critical for companies with employees, especially employees who handle valuable assets and have access to financial transactions. Most standard internal control procedures concentrate on preventing and detecting inadvertent errors but they can also uncover wrongdoing or fraud.

Setting up a system of internal controls will protect you, your business and your assets as well as the accuracy of your accounting records.  The types of controls you put into place depend largely on the size and nature of your business.

By combining our knowledge of financial, strategic, operational, and compliance risk with our internal controls experience, we will assess your internal controls for strengths and weaknesses and then make a recommendation to the policies and procedures currently in place.

Our Services Provide:

  • Develop a risk based internal control program
  • Write and implement policies and procedures handbook
  • Implement segregation of duties among business processes
  • Identify approval authorities among managers and staff
  • Create control records for inventory, cash and equipment
  • Thorough employee training on policies and procedures including safe channels for reporting improprieties


To learn more about our Internal Control services, please contact us at (281) 306-0066.