Tax Preparation

Edgar and Edgar CPAs provide federal and state income tax services for individual and business clients. 

We focus on individuals that own a business or have numerous investments, stock options, Schedule K-1's and other complex transactions that may require the professional preparation by a CPA. 

We also offer tax preparation to our business clients with a Corporation, Partnership, LLC, or S Corporation income tax returns.  We use state of the art software to ensure your returns are accurate and filed in a timely manner.  We work tirelessly work to minimize your tax liability through the ongoing education of our staff of current tax laws. 


Haven't maintained your books for the year?

We can help you. We can prepare your bookkeeping for the year,and then use the updated information to prepare an accurate tax return on the personal and business level. We can then implement and train you on our accounting software so your bookkeeping is maintained throughout the year.


For more information about our Tax Preparation Services, please contact us at (281) 306-0066.