With current payroll challenges, business owners spend a significant amount of time performing payroll functions and staying compliant with current payroll laws. 

Our partnership with leading payroll companies such as ADP and Nexonia will reduce your time spent performing payroll functions and allow you more time to focus on generating sales, prospecting new business opportunities, improving products or services, and servicing customers.

ADP is a leading provider of small business payroll and tax compliance solutions that range from Payroll, Taxes, Human Resources, Timesheets, and Benefits.

Nexonia offers time-keeping and expense report solutions through its cloud platform which can be accessed any time, from vitually any smart device or computer with interent connection.

Access everything you need in one place to help improve compliance, reduce cost and get the best out of your most important asset - your employees.

Our Payroll Solutions include:

  • Set up new employees
  • Track and Report PTO
  • Withhold tax levies and child support payments
  • Withhold and remit all federal and state taxes
  • File required federal and state documents
  • Create and send W2's
  • Remit direct deposits and generate paychecks
  • Reduce exposure to legal liability through fines and penalties


 If you would like to learn more about our Payroll Solutions contact us at (281) 306-0066.