Client Spotlight - Served LLC

Served LogoWhen Brandice Spencer started her business, Served LLC, she wasn’t setting out to change the prepared food industry- she just wanted to serve her family quality meals. As a working mother, Brandice experienced the struggle of balancing a full-time job, long daily commute and the push to prepare healthy dinners during the week for her family.  “I knew we needed help, because all I could manage by the end of the day was fast food,” said Brandice. “I tried other boxed meal delivery services, thinking that could be the answer, but I still had to cook and prepare the food.” Brandice was frustrated, but determined to find a solution. With a background in sales and an entrepreneurial spirit, Brandice set out to solve the problem- both for herself and for other working parents. “I thought- if I need it for myself, why not just create it?” Brandice said. A call to her cousin in San Antonio who was a professional chef, lead to the realization that she could turn her dreams into reality. In October 2016, after a year of trial and error, Served LLC was formally launched. The premise is simple- food is prepared in a commercial kitchen each week and is vacuum sealed and shipped to each customer. The best part? Customers can choose to reheat the meals in the oven or the microwave. Brandice strongly believes that this provides parents with the weeknight meal options they need. “Some nights, you just want healthy food on the table fast, but others you can take your time and make the dishes your own with a slower preparation approach,” Brandice laughs. “It’s important for customers to have choices.”

Brandice and family

When it came time to choose business advisors, Brandice was struggling where to begin. “My cousin was doing the cooking, and I was supposed to handle the business side of things,” said Brandice. “My background is in sales and marketing, so I didn’t really know where to start until I met with Edgar and Edgar.” Matt Edgar, Owner of Edgar and Edgar CPA, was excited to work with Brandice and knew that with some guidance, they could put her on the path to success. “Brandice came in with a strong business plan and really impressed all of us with her idea, “Matt said.  “Our goal was to provide her with the right direction as she set up her business to prepare her for future growth.” That future-based approach is what impressed Brandice the most. “Matt, Elizabeth and the entire team helped me to focus on not only what I needed to do now, but what I would need to consider for my business in the future,” Brandice said. “I wasn’t just being instructed- I was learning how to evaluate situations for myself and anticipate problems for the future.” The partnership between Served LLC and Edgar and Edgar created stability and success for Brandice and is a business and personal relationship that she greatly values. “I can’t thank them enough for their support in preparing Served LLC for the challenges we may face in the future,” Brandice said.  “With their guidance, I feel comfortable in our growth and I know that I have a reliable place to get advice on any accounting issue.”


Served LLC specializes in chef-prepared, ready to eat meals for your family. For more information or to place an order, visit @myservedmeals on Facebook or call (281) 826-4683, or visit them on the web at

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