Using SecureFilePro

key board lock keyThis week, with tax season beginning in earnest, we thought it would be helpful to talk a little about the file sharing portal we use here at Edgar & Edgar.  For our clients, this may be a helpful refresher of how the service works, and may help educate others on what and how SecureFilePro works.

Some out there may be thinking that using a file sharing portal is a waste of time, and that it’s much easier to just e-mail your documents to your CPA.  Guess what?  It’s also much easier for hackers to get those same documents via your e-mail as well!  E-mail is notoriously unsecure, and is a risky way to send documents with sensitive information such as your Social Security Number.  SecureFilePro allows your CPA to create an account for you and send you a link to your folders – when you need to send documents, just upload them to your folder – nothing is transmitted via e-mail that can be intercepted.  The process also works in reverse, with your CPA able to upload documents such as your tax return to your folder for your review.

How to Get Started – the Edgar & Edgar Way

STEP 1:  Initial Login and Setup

    • When your SecureFilePro folder has been created by an Edgar & Edgar representative, you will receive an e-mail at the address you provided.  This e-mail will have instructions on how to set up your account, as well as a link to your folder on SecureFilePro.


  • After clicking on the link, you will be prompted to enter the last four digits of your SSN or EIN.  You will also create your password.

  • Use the username provided in the initial e-mail with your new password to log into your account.

  • You should receive this e-mail, which will confirm that your account is set up correctly.  You are now ready to send and receive documents!

STEP 2:  Uploading Documents

  • When you login to your account for the first time, your home screen will look similar to this:

  • Click on the folder “Documents to Preparer” in the upper-left corner.  Then click “Upload.”

  • When the “File Upload” box appears, click the “Select” button, then navigate to the file you wish to upload.  Click “Open.”

  • Next, when ready, click “Upload.”

  • Once the upload is completed, your “Documents to Preparer” folder should now show your file.

STEP 3:  Downloading Documents

  • When one of our tax professionals uploads a document for you, you will be notified via e-mail:

  • To download the file, simply click on the link provided in the e-mail and log in to your SecureFilePro account.  Once at your home screen, click on the folder “Documents from Preparer.”

  • Click “Download” next to the file you wish to retrieve, then save to your local hard drive.

You can always access the SecureFilePro portal directly by going to or by visiting , hovering on “Client Login”, and clicking on “Secure Portal”.

That’s all there is to it!  If you have trouble accessing your SecureFilePro account from last year, give us a call and we’ll make sure you get reconnected.  Remember:  Don’t send any documents over e-mail that you wouldn’t want a criminal to have.  Using a file sharing portal may seem like an extra step at first, but compare that to the hours, days, and weeks you might spend trying to clean up after being victimized by identity theft.