Playing Pac Man? Awkward Videos? Dikembe Mutumbo? These Are Not Your Grandfather’s 404 Pages!

404 error pages can be fun


404 Error pages – those pages you see when you click on a broken link or mistype the address – have come a long way.  While the majority of websites out there still have a standard message about the link not being found, links back to other pages, etc., some websites have started to use a little creativity to spice up these seldom seen pages.  Below are some notable website error pages – I invite you to try them out for yourself!





Bloomberg's 404 page

Bloomberg’s 404 error page features an animation of a guy knocking a computer off a table, then inexplicably breaking into pieces.  Definitely a little strange, but that’s what makes it funny.

South Park Studios

South Park's 404 page

For fans of South Park, this one is a must see.  The 404 pages it displays are random, and all include some sort of inside reference to the show. 

University of Missouri

Mizzou 404 page

The University of Missouri’s athletics page shows off a little self-deprecating humor.  The Fifth Down, Flea-Kicker, and 4.8 Seconds all refer to moments in Missouri sports history where they lost in controversial fashion.

Blue Fountain Media

Blue Fountain Media

This website rewards you with a playable version of Pac Man!


Bluegg 404

Do you like goats that scream like humans?  I know I do!


Kvartirakrasivo 404

I have no idea what this website is selling, nor what any of the words mean, but anything with animated stick figures dancing to Russian music is awesome.


VisitSteve 404

The most awkward 404 page you’ll ever find, indeed.

Homestar Runner

Homestar Runner 404

Wonderful art awaits to politely explain your error.

Milwaukee Bucks

Milwaukee Bucks 404

The Milwaukee Bucks website is one of many NBA sites that have creative 404 pages.  I love the throwback look on this one.

Washington Wizards

Washington Wizards 404

The Wizard’s 404 page includes an animated gif of one of their players huddling with their opponent by mistake.

Atlanta Hawks

Atlanta Hawks 404

Atlanta’s 404 page includes an animation of the one and only Dikembe Mutumbo shaking his finger.

Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball 404

Major League Baseball’s 404 page includes random animated gifs of various bloopers.  My favorite is Tommy Lasorda attacking the Philly mascot with a dummy of himself.


Budgets Are Sexy 404

No collection of 404 pages would be complete without one that uses kittens.  This one delivers, and even includes cat-related puns.

National Public Radio

National Public Radio 404

Very clever 404 page.  It includes links to other “missing” things, such as Atlantis and Waldo.

Romain Brasier

Romain Brasier 404

An interactive 404 page that attempts to sacrifice 404 “lyou” (think lemmings) for your error.  You can save them by hovering your cursor over each one to give them an umbrella that allows them to float down safely.  Strangely addictive.


Slack 404

This one’s from a website that we use here in the office.  Their 404 page allows you to pan around with your cursor and look around this “weird place.”