Are Your Customers Annoyed With You?

Girl sitting at computer happy now that she's using bill.comHow do your customers feel about you?

On two different occasions last week, I had to write a check for my daughter’s gymnastics class and my son’s school tuition. I remember thinking how annoyed I was that I had to find a check book, write the check and then remember to bring the check with me to make my monthly payment. In the case of the gymnastics class, my daughter only goes once a week on Monday’s so if her last class is on, let’s say the 27th, then I most likely am not going to make the payment until the following Monday which would be 4th of the next month. And then I started thinking the receptionist has to collect checks at the beginning of the month, record each check in their accounting software and then take the time to drive to the bank to make the deposit.  Also, my son’s school sends me an invoice over email.  It would be so nice if I could just click on a link and pay my tuition online, when I pay all my other bills at beginning of the month and then I wouldn’t have to wait for the check to clear my account. That got me thinking that this would be a great topic for our blog this week.  Don’t continue to let your customer’s be annoyed with you.  I would like to highlight a great accounting tool we offer called works with your current accounting software such as Quickbooks and Quickbooks Online, Xero, NetSuite and Intacct to help your business get paid 2x-3x faster with ACH and credit card payments.  First, decide how you want to get paid.  Choose ACH, credit card or PayPal.  Next, send your customer an invoice through email with a secure online payment gateway where they can review their invoices and pay you with a few quick clicks. Third, watch your cash flow increase as you receive your accounts receivables 2x-3x faster. helps you invoice and get paid faster in six ways:

  1. Electronic payments via ACH and credit cards
  2. Faster, easier dialogue with customers
  3. Auto reminders when payments are due or overdue
  4. Automatically recurring invoices go out on schedule
  5. Automatically recurring payments come in on schedule
  6. Everything entered in your accounting software for you can also help you simplify your accounts payable process. When you receive, approve and pay your bills online, it cuts the time you spend on bill approvals and payments by 50% or more.  First, you scan, fax or email your bills to  The automated system takes it from there. routes to approvers and provides one-click access to any needed backup documents. Finally,, prints and mails checks or pays electronically and syncs with your software.

Need help with your monthly invoicing?  Another great feature of is you can grant your accountant access to your accountant where they can quickly and easily receive and approve your accounts payable and accounts receivable for you.  Edgar and Edgar CPAs has partnered with and our very own Hunter Westfaul has become a certified GURU.  It only takes about an hour of training to get started. Give us a call today and let us help you get started with this amazing cloud based bill payment system.